It's been a little while since our last Open Housing post, but that doesn't mean we haven't been out there surveying the field and checking out the local inventory of homes on the market. Oh no-sir-ree, we have been busy, just haven't seen anything worth writing about of late, well,...
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Two days ago we gave you all the "grand reveal" of our DIY closet interiors. We were able to go pretty overboard on the project since the space was small and we were building everything from plain old wood and some basic supplies. Had we gone the route of a...
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I mentioned a specific tool in yesterday's post about our grand closet reveal that I've also mentioned a few times before on various other projects. In fact, this particular tool has been so useful that it's been a key element in the success of our office desk, kitchen shoe storage,...
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We left off in our master bedroom dream closet recap with a basic closet frame in place and a whole lot of hope for what this drab space could some day become. We had already lived without functional closets for quite a while, so the anticipation of having his and...
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If you live or work in the DC area, you may have seen us in today's issue of the Washington Post Express (jump to page 38 to see the article) alongside many popular bloggers in an article on home blogging. More specifically, why crazy people like ourselves not only spend a tremendous...
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Sadly, no, I haven't recently been mistaken for a younger and less gray haired version of myself. But it's bad. Really bad. I've discovered I'm not just an Internet admitted hoarder of paper and plastic bags. Nope, I've now crossed the line into full blown greeting card hoarding territory. It's...
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In 1997 as a college student with mediocre to zero skills in just about anything useful, I was looking for summer work but didn't have anything worthwhile lined up. Forget wanting a to find a job that had anything to do with life skills, I just wanted something that would...
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Last month we started to take you through our renovation of our master bedroom. Much of what we discussed involved the various elements of the work, including room demolition, discovering our closet doors at a salvage yard, and installation of our new attic stairs. But truth be told, the primary...
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It's mind boggling just how many details and decisions must be made when taking on a big bathroom renovation. From tile and lighting to pulls and towel rods, the options seem endless, yet each selection is as important as the last in the finished project. It's actually rather easy to...
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Alex and I love to travel. Whether we're talking about a major vacation almost half way around the world or a little weekend getaway to a nearby city, I'm always looking forward to our next adventure. As much as we love our ability to jump on a plane and head...
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Today is the 10 year anniversary of owning our house! I'm almost shocked writing that. I really can't believe it's already been a full decade. Lately we've both been so busy with work that the date more or less snuck up on us. I didn't even realize today marked our...
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I'm not sure what it is that makes a gas lantern so incredibly warm and wonderful, but the thought of a copper gas lamp on the front of our home simply makes my heart sing. There are different examples of gas lights on homes all over our area and we...
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When I look in my various toolboxes, tool bucket, or workbench, I see a collection of instruments I've purchased over the years that have slowly turned me from an incapable dweller to a moderately accomplished home DIYer. Some of the tools, like my drill or circular saw, are must haves...
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It's no secret that Wendy and I truly love where we live. Our historic town has so much to offer in the way of food, culture, activities, and experiences. Beyond our immediate town, our proximity to Washington DC allows us to enjoy its eclectic neighborhoods and amenities without much thought...
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Today's post is a bit of a followup to a post we did a while ago regarding the best methods (in our opinion) for treating our new butcher block counter tops. Now that we're several months into the rather proud ownership of beautiful wood kitchen counters, I think it's time...
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