With a hint of Fall in the air and the football season just beginning (as well a October baseball that Alex is ridiculously excited about), I've been inspired lately to dig out some tried and true recipes that complement the season. (Well, our new appliances certainly make cooking a lot...
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Our actual anniversary isn’t until October 12, but due to our respective work schedules and, to be quite honest, the possibility that the Nationals look like they may be playing postseason baseball during that time, we opted to take our big anniversary trip just a little bit early. For those...
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From time to time while tiling, you might make a mistake. Hey, there's no reason to feel bad, even the most accomplished tile setters can foul up a job. (It's true, I've seen it firsthand.) The key thing to remember is that you can fix just about any mistake you...
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Wendy and I have a bad habit of living with things even though they’re well beyond their useful life. This fact is extremely apparent when looking at our old kitchen appliances. Though they probably should have been replaced within the first few years after we bought our house, we decided...
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As we mentioned in our kitchen apppliance delivery recap, we had a few minor issues with the delivery of a few items. The dishwasher was the worst off, having been dropped in the box and crushed rather significantly. Additionally, a somewhat minor scratch along the left side of the fridge...
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Though we wanted to share some of our vacation highlights and photos with you today, we're still getting our arms around everything since we returned home from the trip. Most notably, we've been getting a handle on the treatment of Mel and Lulu's medical issues. And to be completely honest,...
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We had a bit much going on this week for a Toolbox Tuesday, so I figured I'd make it a Toolbox Thursday. It still has the alliteration I'm looking for, so we'll go for it and see how it feels as a more permanent toolbox day. In our post about our...
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Though we’ve been updating you over the last week on the progress we've made involving our kitchen work, we were actually getting you up to speed on the work we finished prior to taking a vacation. Wendy and I were wandering around several countries in Europe over the last week,...
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Grout. Such a simple thing. A bit of cement based filler, sometimes mixed with sand, and a little bit of water. It’s a recipe that’s been around for thousands of years in an essentially unchanged format. It’s rather amazing how much something that is so simple can so easily change...
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The upgrades we’ve been performing on our kitchen, though not entirely cosmetic, have focused primarily on the various changes we can make to bring the area more inline with the rest of our home. Through building additional counter and storage space, and upgrading our counters to butcher block, we had...
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It's been a little while since our last Open Housing post, what with the crazy work we've been doing on our kitchen of late. But we'll still take a break from all of that work to venture into open house or two in the area. Today we have an interesting...
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Our kitchen renovation journey has taken us from within the bustling walls of IKEA to the sales floor of our local h.h. gregg, all in the name of a budget friendly but long overdue kitchen update. We should probably stop calling this kitchen update “temporary.” The level of effort, cost,...
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Over the long Labor Day weekend, laying low while Lulu and Mel recovered from surgery, I fell victim to the Sunday circular. With a little extra time on my hands, I was lured in by the colored newsprint advertising extreme discounts on kitchen appliances. You know, appliances we had NO...
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Well, maybe we ask that you don't stick a fork in our new counters. We're still basking in the glow of their newness, and aren't quite ready for wear and tear just yet. If you stopped by yesterday, we left off covering our ongoing butcher block install and related “quick...
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Well, here we are, several weeks into a “temporary” kitchen upgrade that is starting to feel a whole lot more like a “major overhaul.” It all started so simply with a bargain rug purchase and new window treatments, shortly followed by a fresh coat of paint that then spiraled into...
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