We have a bit of an announcement.

Wendy and I have been working on our house for just over nine years now (and blogging about the adventure for about one year). During this same period we've seen other homes renovated, skyscrapers built, neighborhoods constructed, children grow up, even massive bridges and highway projects erected (and we all know how long those take). Well, we're still not done with our house, but I think we're pretty much done with our house.

Not only are we not done renovating, we're not even close to done, and we just don't see the value in it anymore.

Sure, this whole process was kind of...an experience. But most of all, we didn't get much out of it. So what now? Well...

We're putting our house up on the market. We figure it's a good time. We don't have a ton of personal investment in the house, so we're ready to just move on.

We'll be spending the next several weeks taking out much of the historic character we added back into the house over the years (you can get big bucks for it at salvage yards you know), and we'll be working to make the whole house neutral.

We're hoping to get a buyer who wants to just renovate the whole house as a complete gut job. We're really hoping for a buyer whose only real vocabulary in a house is "open concept floor plan." I mean, that's the only thing that might make the house decent.

Once we sell our house, I think we're going to buy a house in the middle of the 'burbs, something built in the 2000s preferably. Our hope is that we won't have to do anything to the house in the least bit. We'll be able to just move in, furnish it, and we'll be good to go.

We'll probably sell all of our current furniture on Craigslist and just buy a large furniture set from Marlo or something. If we're really lucky, we'll have enough room for one of those extra deep couches.

We'll be sure to blog about the whole project, or at least the lack of projects. I really can't wait to live in a place like this. I'm over old houses, don't care about history, don't see myself as any sort of a steward, and would like to wish you all a happy April Fool's Day. See you all on Monday.

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4/1/2012 at 10:53 AM
April Fool's! Ha, you almost had me!
4/1/2012 at 11:58 AM

But this is the line that gave it away to me...

"Sure, this whole process was kind of...an experience. But most of all, we didn't get much out of it. So what now? Well..."

After reading every single post on this blog, the line above was either a colossal lie or you've been struck by lightening and had a massive personality change!

Happy April Fool's Day!
4/1/2012 at 12:28 PM
The house in the burbs filled with Marlo furniture was the dead giveaway. Go for it!
4/1/2012 at 3:05 PM
Short gasp of breath in disbelief, then realization that today is April Fool's Day. Either that, or you dropped that big cast iron tub on your heads carrying it to the second floor. Happy April Fool's!!
:-) No, not moving the tub yet. Just having a little AFD fun.
4/1/2012 at 4:05 PM
I'm going to go ahead and say Happy April Fool's Day to you too.
Aileen Brenner
4/1/2012 at 6:32 PM
Marcy Covarrubias
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
We will miss your Old Town blog when you do move. Let me know if I could send you some listings in the 'burbs. I grew up in Fairfax County and bought my first home there in 2001. Best of luck!
Kate 'Katya' Viar
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
I can totally see you guys living in Potomac Yard! Lol! April Fool's! Btw a coworker of mine just out her house on the market and there is an open house today....311 wilkes. Maybe we'll see you!
Joyce A. Steel
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
Almost as believable as if you had written that the "house is finished!" ;-)
Kathlene Carroll Sullivan
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
...thought you lose your damn mind!
Matthew Levison
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
Jacqueline Bourgeois
4/1/2012 at 6:33 PM
LOL April fools.
Grace Ganssle
4/1/2012 at 6:34 PM
You totally got me!
Kay Woodard
4/1/2012 at 6:34 PM
I almost had a heart attack reading this!
Carrie Cole Jolly
4/1/2012 at 6:34 PM
Sarah Burnette Conrad
4/1/2012 at 6:34 PM
Whew! Happy AFD to you too!!
Jill Petraglia Parsons
4/1/2012 at 6:34 PM
haha - you guys had me in the first couple of paragraphs, but when you said you "didn't get much out of it" I realized what day it was ;)
4/1/2012 at 8:22 PM
I was halfway through the post before it hit me--APRIL FOOL'S!
Karin K
4/2/2012 at 12:43 PM
OK....I was almost to the end before I figured it out. I was already planning a post to beg you to reconsider, or at the very least keep blogging through the next reno. Whew.
4/2/2012 at 1:12 PM
Happy belated April Fools!

Before I looked at the calendar, you two had us wondering if there was some radioactive waste leaking down there in Alexandria :)
Hahaha. Radioactive waste. Not sure if even that could get us to move. ;-)
4/2/2012 at 7:04 PM
I knew it was a joke when you said you were taking out the historical details! Whew! I was getting prepared to be indignant :)
4/4/2012 at 9:43 AM
Snicker. I've been swamped at work this week, so I actually followed the link back, so I knew it was an AF joke.

Good one, guys.
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