The. List. You know, the one I showed you two weeks ago when I confessed about my freak out over preparing to be on Alexandria's Designer Tour of Homes this Christmas? With just one day until the big event, we wanted to give you a glimpse inside the walls of our...
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The lights in our family room are horrible. It's not our fault, the house came that way, honest! As it currently stands, the primary lights for the room are cast by: our tiny little table lamp with a single 40-watt bulb; from the television; and from two massive flood/spotlights in...
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Just like with your hairstyle or wardrobe, decorating a Christmas tree can be an outward display of your style and taste. Whether you showcase special handmade ornaments from your children, go all out with a specific theme or color, or present an eclectic mix of carefully collected ornaments, you're making...
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This is the story of a chair. It's not just any chair, it's a special chair. No, it won't fly us around the room, it won't grant us wishes, and it won't run errands or do chores for us, no matter how nicely we ask. But if it won't...
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? There’s certainly something magical about the Christmas season. Drinking hot cocoa on a chilly winter morning, making snow angels (assuming you get a snowfall), and celebrating traditions with family and friends go down in my book as cherished activities that I...
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One of the aspects of DIY home projects I feel I've become particularly adept at in recent years is my ability to build out of necessity. When in a pinch, such as when we have company coming in from out of town, or when we've been invited to put our...
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Together, We’re Thankful for: Our health Good friends A loving family Lulu and Mel having had successful tumor removal surgeries in August Living in a country where we’re awarded many freedoms, including political and religious ...
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Ever since we finished our vestibule reboot last year, we've absolutely loved the flexibility the reconfiguration of the front doors has offered. By moving our old outer front door to the interior, and putting glass French doors in the outer opening, it's added a sense of depth to the front...
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We have curtains! Ever since we moved into our home we've we been using the sun porch as a mixed use extension of our kitchen. And through that time, due to the large and very open windows in the space, the window treatments (or lack of) have clearly set the tone...
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The List. Capital T, capital L. Sadly I'm not referring to what I want for Christmas, but instead the punch list of items we're looking to cross off before our home is featured on Alexandria's Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend Designer Tour of Homes. (If you're going to be in or around Alexandria,...
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As Wendy so eloquently put it during yesterday's post, she's "totally freaking out!" Honestly, I don't blame her all that much, and at least she's being totally honest and owning up to her feelings. It's much better than if she were flipping out and telling everyone "Oh, I'm fine, I'm...
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I hate to admit it, but I'm more than a little worried we may have bitten off more than we can chew. I'm currently sitting in our kitchen, amid a mess of objects from the sun porch, as we scurry to decorate the room at warp speed in time for...
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If you've been reading our blog posts for the last few months there's no doubt you know how much we like our new butcher block counter tops from IKEA. The efforts that we put into modification of the edges, leveling the base cabinets, ensuring a nearly perfect fit, and finishing...
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As we announced yesterday, we're super excited and flattered to be one of the homes selected for Alexandria's 2012 Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend's Designer Tour of Homes! (And it's not too late to enter to win two tickets to this event.) But as much as we're looking forward to lending...
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***This Reader Reward is no longer accepting entries – Congratulations to Deb, who will be visiting the DC area for a girls' weekend. We hope you enjoy!***Earlier today we told you all about our invitation to participate in the 42nd Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend's Holiday Designer Tour of Homes!...
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