It's been a while since my last food truck inspired post, and what better way to bring it back than with a newly launched truck that brings one of my most favorite things to the streets of DC...Ice Cream.

Washington, DC is sweltering this time of year. The height of summer brings heat and humidity that often border on oppressive, and 2011 has not been an exception to this rule. Lucky for me, a new food truck in DC recently launched and made a stop near my office today. And as a testament to how hot out it is, the truck had a line more than a dozen people long within five minutes of its arrival.

The new (launched last week) food ice cream truck is called the "Orange Cow" and specializes in high quality and tasty hand dipped ice cream in a variety of flavors. We're talking high end ice cream here, not your local neighborhood ice cream man with rocket pops (though, rocket pops are pretty friggen awesome). For those of you wondering, hand dipped means it is scooped out by hand, not soft serve. The end result, hand made, delicious, and flavorful ice cream that isn't overly sweet, has a lot of good flavors made with natural ingredients, and scoops that stay very firm.

I picked up two scoops for $2.99, which included peanut butter cup and strawberry as my two flavors of choice (think peanut butter and jelly ice cream). My co-worker, Martin, got the same first two as me, but added banana cream pie as a third scoop. Sadly, they were sold out of my favorite, cookie dough. Hopefully they'll have more next time they come around.

In addition to ice cream, they offer the added option of a classic sundae packaging. We didn't get the sundae this time, but I saw one that someone else got and I think I may get that next time.

While I was waiting for my ice cream (probably about one minute) I checked out the truck. It is hard to miss since it is made to look like an orange cow with purple spots.

My favorite feature is the truck's headlights, which have eyelashes, and the pink front bumper with a smile.

Unfortunately, I was so excited to eat the ice cream that I forgot to take a photo until after I ate about half of it. My bad :-)

I give this truck a enthusiastic thumbs up and hope they come to my neck of the woods more often. One thing is for sure, I'm going to try several of the other flavors next time, they all looked very good.

Ok, I'll leave this up to you. Are you sick of my food truck posts? Would you rather I stop talking about them, or are they worthwhile for a small post? Either way, if you see the Orange Cow grazing around DC, I'd say it is absolutely worth a look if you are in the mood for ice cream.


Ok, since I totally messed up and ate half of the ice cream, then took a photo in bad lighting the other day, Martin and I had to go back to the truck two days later to get some more...for photography reasons of course. This time Martin got a Quad. Yes, that's 4 flavors. White Chocolate Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, and another good flavor I can't remember. 

I got a Sundae...and forgot to take a picture. You can see me holding it in the shadow on the ground in the photo above. It was quite good. I'm horrible remembering to take photos while eating ice cream game. I guess I'll have to go back again next week :-)

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7/20/2011 at 8:45 AM
I love this truck - especially in the first photo where you can see one eyelash-adorned headlight. Keep showing us the food trucks :)
Constance Canole Enzel
6/3/2014 at 3:59 PM

I fell in love with this place and Mr. Ivan! Best tasting ice cream around. I got my "Peanut Butter Cup" flavor from a friendly ice cream man named Mr. Ivan. He was good looking too! I'll definitely be back for more ( cream of course)!

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