We just wanted to drop in with a quick Saturday update on our vegetable garden progress. Our last garden post covered the soil prep and vegetable planting. The veggies have been in the ground for about two weeks now, and they're really doing well. Here's a side-by-side view of the garden on May 22, the day we planted, and how it looks today.

As you can see from the photos, everything has been growing nicely. The beds get solid sunlight from about 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with just a little bit of shade from our house. It's also been extremely hot lately, so we've had to keep up with daily watering, but the square foot gardening approach makes it relatively easy. We water one to two cups around the base of each plant each day. We recently noticed an insect issue effecting a couple of the plants, so we'll need to figure out how to keep them away before it grows to be a big issue.

Here are a few more shots of our veggies, herbs, and the other new addition in the garden.

Overall the broccoli is doing great, but one of the broccoli plants has small holes in the leaves, likely from bugs. Unfortunately, the eggplant also has a few of the holes chewed in its leaves

The chives, lavender, and eggplant are also doing well. Wendy has already snipped some chives for a yummy tomato, chive and quinoa salad as well as a potato and asparagus fritatta. 

The peas are doing pretty well, but it looks like one is having a bit of an issue. The onions, kale, and lettuce are going gangbusters (even though we didn't have much hope for the lettuce due to the recent heat), the beets are hit or miss, and the spinach (sniffle) appears to be in a death spiral. It's strange that the spinach is struggling because it was doing really well at first. We attribute that to the heat as well.

Our herb pots are doing really well. Here is one of three. That plant you see on the right in the pot, the huge one, that's our basil. It grows so well we need to be sure to keep using it or it will start to flower. It's crazy big, and it makes our back yard smell so good.

The photo above is the newest addition to our yard, a large pink hydrangea. We picked up the large ceramic pot from our local Ross Dress for Less store for $27!!! It is solid, real ceramic (not plastic) and weighs about 40 lbs without the dirt or plant. We finally planted the hydrangea last weekend and it started to bloom right away. Wendy has already fulfilled her hydrangea dream of having cut flowers in the house. Here's a shot of the first indoor bloom on her nightstand.

And finally, this is Lem. He's been our garden pond spitting frog for a couple of years now and provides a nice trickling water sound.

Our backyard may be in the middle of a busy city, but with all of the trees, the garden wall, and small pond, it is really a quiet, private, relaxing space.

How's your backyard space looking this year? Lush and green, or brown and abandoned?

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Tiffany Washington
6/11/2011 at 2:34 PM
6/11/2011 at 10:44 PM
Your garden is looking great! It makes me want to get one set up...what do you use the basil for?
Thanks Donna! We've been using the basil in a variety of summer pasta salads, to top bruschetta, and if it keeps growing as quickly as it has been, I may make a big batch of homemade pesto. I'll keep you posted. :-)
6/12/2011 at 3:18 PM
I love this idea!!! We have a teeny tiny backyard but want to grow our own veggies next year. This will be perfect!
Thanks Jen. This was our first year to branch out from potted herbs and veggies, and so far we're thrilled with the results. It's a very efficient use of space for those of us with tiny backyards. Let us know if you try it out.
6/13/2011 at 1:34 PM
What an incredible idea and it looks like the effort is worth the reward! We are still apartment dwellers, but hope to buy soon and have a real backyard - thanks for the inspiration! BTW - I'm new to your site and loving it! I've gone back and read old posts and I'm totally hooked! Great work on your house and on the blog!
Thanks so much Carolyn. Once you're settled in your future home, I recommend reading "All New Square Foot Gardening" before you get started. amzn.to/jUTfhp It was a huge help and a quick read. We're so thrilled you love the site and welcome!
6/15/2011 at 9:57 PM
Your garden look awesome, even with the recent heat, and the poor spinach, everything looks really great!!

I am so impressed with how much you cab grow in such a small space. I have read about square foot gardening, but have yet to try it myself. Now I want to even more, this looks awesome.

Thanks so much for all the help getting it started. Oh and your hydrangeas are LOVELY!!

Hugs, Bella :)
How I made a bed for my FLOWERS
Bella, thanks! We've been working every summer to figure out what we can and can't grow, hopefully this summer we've hit the nail on the head.

We'll hopefully be posting an update soon enough with our first "harvest" of veggies.
6/27/2011 at 9:43 AM
The spinach is likely about the bolt to seed since we have been having such hot weather. Either way, it doesn't like heat and won't survive through June (if you get lucky) in the South.
3/19/2012 at 2:48 PM
It looks great! For your lettuce this year, you can make a shade frame for it. I like slanted ones then you can grow cucumbers up the frame!
I'll definitely have to look into this. Thanks for the tip, Erin!
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