If your neighborhood has some houses with good Halloween decorations, raise your hand...

Do you see Wendy and I jumping around the room with our hands raised saying "pick me, pick me, pick me!!!" Yep, you probably do, because we love some of the measures the people in Old Town take to gussy up their houses for the best holiday of the year. Today we'll take you on a little walking tour of some of the houses and shops in the area that got a jump start on Halloween and had their decorations out early for all to enjoy.

We'll start out with one of our annual favorites. This home, located in the 600 block of South Lee Street, is a beautiful brick home on a quiet brick with a large yard and owners that love Halloween. They often have some of our favorite decorations each year, and this year is no different. 

The home's windows and door are covered with black crows/ravens.

The wreath on the front door appears to be a mix of slithering black snakes.

And taking a page from the Brooklyn Limestone playbook, three skeletons are scaling the front of their house to the roofline. 

Closer to King Street on South Lee, this time in the 300 block, is another very old natural brick home that likes to get into the spirit. With the hangings over the windows and flag out front, this is almost like a ghost pirate ship house. It's simple but looks great.

Sticking with the pirate theme, The Christmas Attic adorned the front of their shop with a spooky pirate motif. Though they specialize in Christmas, they also have their fair share of Halloween decor.

Some homes have gone a bit understated this year, but still quite good. Like this house in the 200 block of Duke Street.

Or this tree surround with a few bones popping up.

Some others look ok during the day, but you need to wait until night for them to really pop, like this old firehouse turned private home in the 300 block of Prince Street.

Some homes and shops have a few unexpected ghouls hanging out in the windows and doors. Subtle but effective.

Many of the shops tend to do a whole Halloween display to get into the spirit, like this one in Old Town School For Dogs. Does your puppy need a last minute costume? It's not too late.

There are also the classic fall type displays so you don't feel you need to take them down the day after Halloween, like this one on Queen Street.

But our favorites are obviously the ones that are geared more towards the most wonderful night of the year.

These are just a few of the early arrivers to the Halloween decoration scene this year. There is sure to be plenty more. Lee Street is THE place to be in Old Town on Halloween night, so residents along this and nearby streets really get into decorating. We'll surely post more Lee Street photos as the big day gets closer.

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids on Halloween night, and you're near Old Town, you should head down to Lee Street. With so many houses packed into about seven city blocks, it's like a gold mine of candy for the kids. Add to it that the adults are often poured a glass of wine or two at several of the houses. It's a good time that can be had by all. Maybe we'll even see you there.

What sort of decorations pop up in your neck of the woods that you really like? Over-the-top? Tasteful?Inflatable? Perhaps all of the above? Let us know.

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10/21/2011 at 5:50 PM
The early Halloween homes look great!
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